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Art Deco Bali blog is created by Sipke van de Peppel, collector of Balinese woodcarvings and colonial ephemera. Join my passion for the craftsmanship of the woodcarvers in Bali, where religious wooden sculptures have been made for centuries.
My own modest collection focuses on the period between 1930 and 1980 when a modern Art Deco style emerged from the interaction between local and Western artists, who came to Bali in 1930s. In 1936, European and Balinese artists jointly founded the artists’ association Pita Maha (great father or spirit) to promote and protect Balinese arts and crafts.


  • Woodcarving by I Made Gerembuang (collection Tropenmuseum)

From community art to personal art
Woodcarvers were encouraged to develop their own individual style and portray scenes from everyday life in Bali. These everyday subjects, such as an old man with a gamecock or a beautiful lady grooming her hair, were popular with the tourists visiting the island.
The Balinese sculptors gradually evolved from community artists creating traditional sculptures for temples and palaces to free artists working for the emerging tourist market. Their statues from the 1930s to the 1970s are now sought after collectables.

Colonial ephemera
Just as Balinese artists were influenced by Western art, there were also many Dutch artists who were inspired by the arts and cultures of the former Dutch East Indies. On this site you will also find “colonial” graphics and other examples of this mutual influence.

The posts on Art Deco Bali blog are my personal thoughts about Balinese woodcarving and about the statues and publications in my collection. So they may contain errors or misinterpretations. Please let me know if you see one or if you want to add interesting information to my blogposts.

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